Sweepstakes software internet cafe

We do no longer fee any fees out of your profits and we’re able to do any modifications to the games, a number of them freed from fee.

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Please go to our games internet internet page to appearance all our enjoyable titles. 

We furthermore have on the market any other product on the way to bend flawlessly with any net sweepstakes cafe, to be had on our accessories internet page, the “online on line casino computer AIR client”. this system may be customized to reveal your business organization organization brand at the same time as the software starts offevolved. The software will feature a short shortcut to the internet sweepstakes foyer of your internet cafe.

at the manner to use our products, you need to have an internet cafe with as many computer systems as you need, and a webserver to install our software software. A shortcut to the sport foyer can be introduced at the laptop of your computer systems.

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